7XM provides you with a wide range of games you’ll enjoy!

Live Casino

Real dealers, real action, and real wins. It\’s the closest you can get to playing in a real casino.

  • Roulette: Place chips on your favourite numbers and see if Lady Luck is on your side!
  • Blackjack: Get as close as possible to a total of 21, but stay calm!
  • Baccarat: Step up to the Baccarat table and test your skills!

Slot Games

Online slots offer a relaxed, low-pressure gaming experience with a simple format and fun features. There are many games to choose from, and you can always find the one you like. 

Each game has its own instructions, so even if you’ve never played slots online, you’ll quickly understand which symbols to look out for and how pay lines work. 

Many online slots have free spin rounds where you can spin the reels without staking your cash and exciting features that offer you more chances to win cash prizes.

Card Games(PVP)

7XM pride itself on its unique software and approach to playing online. Card games are stand-alone poker software, so you\’ll only play against other real players. 

What they are offering is one of the best you can find anywhere. With daily poker promotions and satellites, anyone from amateur to professional can enjoy serious wins with us.

Fishing Games

Online fishing game is the closest thing to online casino skills today. The experience is fun, highly rewarding, and growing in popularity every day. Naval games are designed to be eye-catching, allowing you to blast and harpoon things underwater while claiming large bounties.

The fishing game is quite easy to understand, and you may have seen it in person or online. It is essentially a product similar to a \”skill-based\” game. In it, an undersea theme is introduced where you have to shoot down various sea creatures with a disproportionately large cannon. The more wild you shoot, the bigger the reward.


Lotto Games

7XM provides rich and interesting gameplay, such as single, double, and direct selection, to make the purchasing lottery more interesting. You can choose different gameplay to buy the lottery.

  • Single

Single betting is the most basic form of betting; the buyer directly selects a specified number to form a lottery ticket according to the rules of the corresponding lottery.

  • Duplex

Unlike single betting, multiple betting refers to a betting method in which the purchaser chooses more than the regular lottery numbers when buying a lottery ticket and forms a betting group. Numbers exceeding the specified number will be arranged and combined into multiple lottery tickets according to the specified number of winning numbers. While increasing the chance of winning, the betting amount will increase accordingly.

  • Direct election

Direct selection means that the selected number is the same as the lottery number, and the order is the same to win the prize.

  • Group selection

Number types other than direct selection are called group selection. The number selected by the group selection can be different in position and sequence from the winning numbers, but the numbers must be the same to win the prize.

  • Chase number

Number chase refers to the purchase of the same betting number for multiple consecutive periods; after a member initiates a task, the system will automatically purchase betting numbers for multiple consecutive periods as required by the task. Vientiane provides three types of tracking numbers: same-time tracking, double tracking, and profit rate tracking.

Sport Games

They have all the sports events worldwide you want.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Squash
  • Volleyball
  • Esports (online gaming competition)
  • Virtual Sports
  • International Sabong
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