7XM Halloween Treats – Know more about 7XM’s Halloween-themed slot games and amazing bonuses this year.

Some holidays come and go without a word, but Halloween promises (and scares!) treats. Celebrate Halloween at 7XM, even if it\’s not your tumultuous youth and enjoy the many goodies offered in the dedicated Halloween slot games.

If you need a refresher on this wonderfully wicked holiday and want to see an overview of the themed slot games on offer at 7XM, read on to put the mythical tales to rest.

Halloween: What’s in a name?

Halloween (then known as Halloween) originated in Scotland in the late 17th century and was the Scottish word for the eve of every Halloween day. Spelling differences are simply the result of good old grammar and conjugation styles used in the 16th century.

As the holiday was assimilated into wider society, name updates were enacted for countries less familiar with the Scottish dialect.

The origins of Halloween celebrations

As Halloween marks the eve of All Saints Day, the most pressing questions are:

What exactly is All Saints Day? Now, All Hallowtide, a kind of holiday celebrated annually by the Scots, consists of the following three days: All Saints Day, All Saints Day, and All Saints Day.

Originally considered a relic of pagan traditions, the roots of All Halloween Tide can be traced back to the traditions and practices of the Celtic settlers of Samhain. It should also be noted that while some believe that Halloween is deeply associated with Christianity, All Hallowtide was a holiday that honoured certain saints.

It\’s certainly a controversial subject, to say the least. A safe assumption is that the holiday was a celebration of the deceased (think saints, martyrs, and faithfully departed).

Contemporary Halloween celebrations

Today this holiday can be celebrated in different ways. Here is a list of ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

A time for dressing up

What was once a time of terrifying holiday-themed costumes is now free for everyone, and people are dressing up as movie characters, celebrities and the latest trends to make their way through pop culture.

Trick or treat!

This is a great opportunity to strengthen and build connections within the community. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, and you might find a bag full of goodies and new friends.

Get carving

This is your chance to get into the festive mood. Head to the orchard, pick pumpkins and start creating your masterpiece. Why not take advantage of the mesmerized audience waiting for sweets?

Eating your way to delight

Here is a little tip for those with a sweet tooth: One night a year isn\’t the end of the world, right? If you want to eat a little candy, the trick is to stay up all night and ration war chests of candy in preparation for November.

Stay in and watch a scary movie

Horror movies and Halloween is like bacon and cabbage. They just go together. Snuggle up with popcorn, grab that one friend who \”never fears watching a scary movie,\” and do your best not to throw a bowl of popcorn in shock after each jump cut.

The day of the year to play Halloween Slot Games

Assume none of the above activities fascinates you. What about slot games? At 7XM, we have hand-picked the best Halloween-themed slots. Read on to find the perfect place for you.

Halloweenies slot games

If you love Halloween-related dress-ups and candies, but can\’t stand anything that scares you, then you\’ll love Halloween! I can\’t. In fact, it\’s the bright colours that make this Microgaming product of his so cheerful and fun. This slot machine is similar to Good To Go.

Enjoy the strange creatures that roam the reels and lots of candy! With wilds, scatters, and free spins all around, the top jackpot is just around the corner! There\’s also a fun Pick a Pumpkin bonus that promises huge multipliers. If you just don\’t want to commit, the free demo is available, but if you want to bet and win some cash, play Halloween slot games at an online casino powered by Microgaming!

Happy Halloween slot games

One of our all-time favourites, Happy Halloween, is a slot that will keep you entertained with beautifully crafted characters and designs that showcase the light and dark elements of the holiday. Is there a better combination than Frankenstein and a cute cupcake? I don\’t think so!

As usual, free spins are offered. Collecting 3 Scatter symbols is the key to unlocking Free Spins in Happy Halloween. This is definitely the case if you see a witch! If you collect all 3 symbols before the free spins activate, a whopping 4x your payout is on the card! Keep an eye on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 for additional wild symbols.

Another added bonus is the gambling feature included in the slot. To double your winnings, guess the correct colour of the next card that appears. If you’re lucky, you can also win a quadruple payout by guessing the next card\’s colour.

Halloween slot games

For fans of the John Carpenter classics, the Halloween slot has all the hallmarks of the legendary movie. The entire slot has a slasher aesthetic theme, reflected in the design of the symbols and icons within the slot that are sure to evoke strong nostalgic feelings.

That\’s not all! Two extra bonus rounds are included to sweeten the pot even more. Trick or treat is a bonus round if you\’re looking for tasty prizes. For those with a little more enthusiasm, the dreaded bogeyman bonus is a round pick that players should definitely avoid choosing a knife that leads to victory. You have been warned!

Halloween Slot Games Overview

“Death has come to your little town, Sheriff,” says Dr Loomis from the infamous 1978 horror movie. The jackpot is coming to your town with Microgaming\’s Halloween Online Slots!

Our Halloween slot review looks closely at this game and its three bonus rounds. We also discuss how it compares to other branded movie and TV slots this year. Learn about features such as

  • Game graphics, themes and sound effects
  • How the game\’s sliding reels and bonus rounds work
  • Whether you can expect big wins in this slot

Review of Halloween Slot’s Key Features

How to Play Halloween Slot

The layout of the Halloween Slot Games are simple and clear. The first step is adjusting the coin size and setting the bet amount. Once that\’s done, press spin to get things started.

You can win a lot with 50 paylines in play, even in the bonus round. The game can feel unstable. In other words, no win streak is not uncommon. More on the bonus round later. For now, all you need to know is that there are three.

Halloween rules are similar to most 5 reel video slots if you know how to play slot games. There is one notable exception. Instead of the typical 5×3 slot layout, 3 of the Halloween reels get an extra row every time you spin through a secret sliding door. The result is a player-friendly slot, but with an added hidden element.

This theme makes very good use of sounds and images. Don\’t panic if you hear Michael Myers himself crawl out of the shadows from time to time. Spinning the reels play atmospheric audio from the film, but the music used is from the soundtrack. Not the most memorable part, the game\’s symbols are imaginative and visually appealing.

Halloween Slot Jackpots and Bonuses

7XM Happy Halloween in Slot Games – You can win up to Php200 when you Download 7XM App. One download is equivalent to one raffle ticket.

The terms and conditions are

  1. 7XM Daily Missions – Play slot games to meet the turnover requirements:
  • Slots Turnover: 100 Bonus: 5 
  • Slots Turnover: 1,000 Bonus: 5 Raffle Rewards: Happy Halloween
  • Slots Turnover: 10,000 Bonus: 5 Raffle Rewards: Happy Halloween Diamond
  1. Account must be 100% completed with a verified mobile number.

3. The minimum deposit required by 7XM is Php100 only.

4. The same IP address, mobile number, bank details, and personal information will only be used to grant one raffle ticket.

5. Before receiving further 7XM bonuses, playthrough conditions must be met.

6. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Where is the best place to play Halloween for real money?


Halloween Slot Games Mobile Options

If you know Microgaming, its titles are well-suited for mobile slots. Mobile Halloween Slots is available for smartphones and tablets and runs smoothly on both Apple and Android devices. Please note that the select function and slide reel may take longer on smaller screens.

Halloween slot games have minimal UI on laptops and desktops. This is another plus point of the mobile Halloween service. If you\’re a fan of this game, you should definitely consider carrying it around. You get the same bonuses and game features.


Microgaming has created a great game in terms of graphics, sounds and themes with their Halloween slot. As far as branded slots go, this is a very interesting title. The Halloween slot is a fun and exciting addition to the Microgaming collection. No wonder why 7XM has the best Halloween-themed slot games.

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