Jili’s Crazy 777 Slot Game at 7XM

With three reels and one payline, Crazy 777 is a unique online slot game inspired by classic slot games. In addition to brightly colored icons and white reels, Crazy 777 features an abstract background image with orange squares and a paytable above the matrix.

It is easy to win free spins or double rewards when the reels stop, so if you enjoy simple online games, Crazy 777 is a good choice.

Crazy 777
Crazy 777

To create a winning combination on the list of basic symbols, you must match three matching icons or a specific combination of symbols. On the bonus reel, you’ll see a single blue bar, a red seven, a double red seven, a triple red seven, and a double bar.

It is interesting to note that there is also a bonus reel. Any winning combination will result in a bonus. Bonuses include win multipliers (x2, x5, or x10), extra payouts, or 5 re-spins.

Getting Started with Crazy 777 Slot Game

7XM- Crazy777 - X3
7XM- Crazy777 – X3


The game Crazy 777 is a 3X3-reel slot machine from JILI that has simple gameplay and easy rewards.

  • 3 identical symbols from left to right are required to win a prize depending on the combo settings.
  • Winnings = pay x bet /3.
  • “Special reel combinations” increase payouts in this round.
  • Invalid rounds are those with an error that results in an unclear outcome.


It features several basic symbols. As the reels spin, you’ll see what rewards you’ll get, such as free spins, double rewards, etc. This game provides odds by connecting these symbols in a straight line. In each round, these symbols will be in special positions. You’re sure to find this game entertaining.

Special Reel

When the reels to its left make a winning combination, the symbol of the special reel will give you extra bonuses.

10X, 5X, 2X

This round multiplies all payouts by the corresponding multiplier.

This game has three multipliers: 2x, 5x, and 10x. The winning line determines winnings.

When a player wins the winnings and receives a different multiplier, the total bonus is multiplied by the return rate.

$$+, $+

Using the letter, SS+ will increase the chances of players winning special bonuses.

Players can win extra payouts based on how much they bet.

If the winning combination contains special symbols SS+, the winnings will be multiplied by three, and the winnings will be tripled.


Gain 1 to 5 respins at random.

Players can win a big payout each time they win from a different line. However, the payout depends on the symbols’ random spin.

Special Symbol

There are special symbols in Crazy 777 that offer high payout rates. Among them are the three 777 symbols.

Undoubtedly, the three 777 symbol is one of the most difficult symbols to land on. It pays according to the player’s bets multiplied by their equity.

Tips and Tricks on Playing Crazy 777 Slot Game

7XM- Crazy 777
7XM- Crazy 777

To improve your gaming experience on 7XM when playing your favorite online casino game, here are more tips and tricks. Though players cannot change the outcome of a slot game when playing, they can still change their game so that they don’t become salty when they lose money or don’t maximize a huge win.

Although good gameplay certainly affects your success in-game, you cannot control your luck. All casino games are heavily influenced by luck rather than player skill.

You can find a slot machine that even the unluckiest player can win, or you can devise a strategy that minimizes your losses. Here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Control Your Bet


When players spin the machine, they determine how big their payout will be. Players must learn to input the right bet amount to maximize their chances of winning.

Players can adjust the amount of bet before rolling. As their account level increases, the maximum bet a player can place each time they roll increases. For a better chance of winning huge amounts, people may place the maximum bet.

It is important to control your bet amount when playing Online Slot Games. You do not want to zero out after a few losses since the chances of losing are extremely high compared to winning.

The best way to bet is to set your bets at a reasonable rate since your winnings will be minimal. Your bets should range between 3 and 5% of your current chips and be updated after every 20 spins.

  1. Play For the Jackpot


You will be eligible for a jackpot prize if you enter the minimum bet amount. A rapidly increasing value counter indicates the jackpot prize at the top of a machine’s icon.

Because this value can often exceed six digits, only a few can participate because they must place a larger bet.

To achieve this goal, you should save up for more bets before participating in the jackpot. Since jackpots are equally unlikely to appear on any machine, you should look for one with a high amount accumulated. The jackpot was designed so players could only win it easily if they put in the effort and time.

Play and Win with Crazy 777 Slot Game

Unsurprisingly, JILI’s CRAZY 777 slot machine is one of the best-developed! With a 100% RTP, a 3,333x bonus round, and the rare feature of all, it is also a single-line classic slot machine!

There are no dazzling symbols or complicated rules in CRAZY 777, which has captured the hearts of many players. If you pay attention to the symbols, you will get a bonus when the connection is successful. CRAZY 777 is an excellent online slot game for players who want to earn reasonable rewards.

Enjoy the thrill of free slots at 7XM! Sign up today and get your free bonus, and you can start playing at once!

7XM-Slot Game
7XM-Slot Game

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